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Crowley's Tetragrammaton Incense

I came across this recipe while looking for more information on the ketoret, the incense burned as a sacrifice to YHVH in the Hebrew Temple. If you substitute olibanum for the frankincense and storax for the balsam in the basic ketoret recipe, you get Crowley's Tetragrammaton incense, which makes it a sort of Western, one-pot ketoret. However, Crowley certainly did not see this incense in the same way as the ancient Hebrews viewed ketoret. In his Confessions (p. 546), he wrote, "There is an incense sacred to Tetragrammaton. After the cakes of light and the incense of Abra-Melin, it is the most powerful of all known perfumes. In fact, it is in a sense more powerful than they are, for they are definitely consecrated to particular purposes, whereas it is entirely without conscience. It consists of galbanum for air, onycha for water, storax for earth and olibanum for fire. It represents the blind force of the four elements and by its use one can bring them to manifestation. Being in itself neither good nor evil, it is extraordinarily dangerous." Interesting how Crowley morphed an incense used to worship YHVH into something ethically ambiguous. Still, it's very Crowleyan to put the ball in the operator's court. Only the magician can determine the ultimate use, for good or ill, of this incense. Crowley reminds us that we are each morally and ethically responsible for our work. I can say, however, that I have had reports from users of immediate entity-initiated contact with this incense. Top

This is a very sticky incense that I have put up in food-grade tins. You will need some sort of small tool to remove the incense - a small spoon, knife, a chopstick, a bamboo skewer, a popsicle stick, even a nail file would work. Treat this incense like it is made of pure essential oils (because the liquid resins have very high components of essential oil naturally) and so don't handle it with your bare hands or wash them thoroughly immediately afterward if you do. This incense is as difficult to handle physically as it is ethically.:) The raw materials are extremely expensive, and there are no fillers or synthetics whatsoever. Top

Crowley's Tetragrammaton Incense
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