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Temple incense burning

Temple Incense
Temple close-up Our Temple Incense is designed primarily for sanctification but serves as a good all-purpose blend to keep on hand. Use it to prepare yourself and your space before meditating or engaging in personal practice or magical rituals. It smells great with an uplifting scent, so is a good incense to burn if you’re low on energy and need a little boost or some extra help to let go of the “funk” of the day. Our Temple Incense leads with myrrh because of that resin's relationship to working with spirits and its use in ancient temples. The myrrh is enriched by the addition of rosy benzoin, opoponax and sweetening cloves. The other half of the incense is Sunnier, with brightening frankincense, fiery cedar, and warming cassia. These three ingredients have a long history of sanctification in the Western tradition. Sandalwood joins the light and the dark together in this blend. The result is a pleasant, easy-burning incense with good sanctification and purification properties that will aid your ritual work.


Temple Incense
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Uses in Magic & Witchcraft:

Ritual Work
Cleansing Magical Spaces

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