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MulleinMullein, Organic
Verbascum thapsus

People have long loved this magic herb. In ancient Rome, mullein stalks were dipped in fat and guided funerary processions, indicating mullein's connection to the dead. However, it also has an affinity for fire, as it has not only been used for torches but for fire-starting tinder, so consider using mullein for illumination in magic--discovering the identity of a thief or uncovering secrets, for instance, or simply connecting to Fire Elementals--or for the kindling of a ritual fire, especially when devoted to Saturnian forces like Hekate.The connection to the dead comes from as long ago as ancient Greek, where its name (nekua) means death plant, and where it might be incorporated into charms for exorcising demons or dispelling insanity. In its modern use, it has been an ingredient or extender in graveyard dirt (sort of a Graveyard Dirt Helper, together with patchouli and valerian). Personally, I connect this plant to Saturn, because it likes it on the dry side, it grows at edges (like hedges) and Saturn is very fond of borders/boundaries. A number of Native American tribes used it for various types of returning or centering the mind or spirit, whether that might be the mind of a disturbed person (returning to normalcy), returning an unconscious person to consciousness, or to fetch the spirit of someone who had been bewitched (which coincides nicely with English uses of mullein to bring back butter than had been witched away or, more importantly, children who had been taken by fairies). Likewise, it has been utilized for spells to return or repel witchwork. As long ago as ancient Greece, Ulysses was said to have used mullein to protect himself from Circe's spells. And again, this fits with its Saturnian nature, since all of these returnings mean returning to the borders or bounds that are set--the definition of sanity, consciousness, home, health, sending back to original boundaries, etc. Its Saturnian associations make it excellent as a Crone herb or for works around the Dark of the Moon. Likewise, it is a nice ingredient for compounds made to celebrate Samhain. Also known as hagtaper, hedgetaper, torches, candlewick plant, Mary's candle, Adam's flannel, ice leaf, velvet dock, beggar's flannel, blanket herb, velvet plant, feltwort, hare's beard, fluffweed, shepherd's rod, Jacob's staff, Aaron's rod, Peter's staff, Jupiter's staff. Top

Mullein, Organic
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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Saturn Herb
Honoring Hekate
Fire Elementals
Working with the Dead

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