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Sacred Lotus OilSacred Lotus Oil
This oil combines the scents of sacred pink lotus, jasmine, and damask rose with a touch of vanilla in sweet almond oil to make a terrific tool for working with Goddess energies. The sacred lotus (Nelumbo nucifera) is the symbol of Lakshmi, a Hindu incarnation of the mother goddess and similar in many ways to Venus (she is the goddess of beauty and prosperity).  In the East, it stands for spiritual enlightenment as well as of fertility and sexuality, an unusual combination in the more straight-laced West.  In West European magick, the lotus is often used in consecration and in sex magick, and the flowers are associated with nymphs. The luscious scent of jasmine (Jasminum sambac) is an aphrodisiac, and because it releases its scent primarily at night, adds subtlety and depth to the scents of the daylight flowers in this oil. The rose (Rosa damascena) holds the place in West European culture that the lotus does in the East. It not only represents the Feminine Divine in the prime of life and is a classic ingredient in love magick, but it is also a favorite representation of spiritual enlightenment in the West, its many petals standing for levels of knowledge and wisdom. Vanilla rounds out the combination with a scent that is more physical than spiritual, more about the enjoyment of Nature's nourishing bounty than about elevation. All of these scents are in the form of absolutes and concretes, which are natural extracts of the whole flower rather than of only a portion of the plant. They have been macerated in golden jojoba for over a month to produce a beautiful oil with a smooth scent good for consecration or preparation for divination or ritual. Top

Sacred Lotus Oil
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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Honoring the Goddess
Love Magic

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