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Sacred Madjet OilSacred Madjet Oil
The recipe for this oil comes from the walls of the Temple of Horus at Edfu, which was built between 237 BCE and 57 BCE. This temple preserves ancient recipes of sacred incenses, oils, and unguents used in Egyptian ritual. This oil was originally intended to knit bones and flesh back together in the afterlife and became a way of honoring the divine--the oil was unguentized and applied in a thick paste on the god's statue. Thus, this oil is for consecration and for driving away evil. It would make an especially good aid for divinatory or astral investigations into the afterlife. Although we make slight deviations from the original recipe, we do craft it the old-fashioned way using pine resin (amber), cinammon, lemon grass, cyperus root, pine kernels, and wine-soaked myrrh, all ground and macerated in coconut oil for a Philsophical Month (a month and a day). It has a very enjoyable scent reminiscent of the Oil of Abramelin because of the common ingredients of myrrh and cinammon, but it is more complex. top

Sacred Madjet Oil
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Protection Spells
Astral Work

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