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queen of witchesQueen of the Witches Oil
Based on herbs traditional in stregheria, like mugwort, verbena, and wormwood, and grounded in myrrh and opoponax, this oil is intended for working with Diana in her manifestation as the Queen of Witchcraft and for general spellwork. It is surprisingly lemony, due to the verbena, which is quite lasting in this formulation. We added lavender because it is always helpful in the acquisition of magical skills and makes nice with herby scents. This lavender is not excessively tweedy, like some can be, and blends well with herby mugwort and wormwood, which are standards in witchwork. Here the herbs are in the background; our thinking was that folks might like a change from the very herby oils often associated with European-style witchcraft. The resins do come forward gradually and seem to fit well with the verbena also. Myrrh is bitter, like mugwort and wormwood, but here it is tempered by the opoponax, which is also known as sweet myrrh. Magically, opoponax adds depth and higher resonance to any myrrh formulation. We did not include rue here because, for some, it can be quite problematic for the skin.

Queen of the Witches Oil
1/4 oz. (2 drams/7.5 ml) $16.50

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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Italian Witchcraft
Honoring Diana
General Spellwork

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