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Queen of Witches tinsQueen of the Witches Incense
This incense was inspired by Leland's account of witchcraft and enchantment in Aradia: Gospel of the Witches, and is dedicated to the Goddess Diana in her manifestation as Queen of the Witches. It's made from some of the most important herbs in a witch's path, some of which can be difficult to find. They include rue, vervain, wormwood, mugwort, and others. These are ground on a base of fragrant myrrh, a resin most often connected with magic and witchcraft, dark opoponax, i.e. myrrh's sweeter but no less potent cousin, and uplifting lavender, an herb par excellence for the acquisition of magical skills. Loose incenseRue has great importance in Italian witchcraft and other Mediterranean traditions, connected to ancient protection magics and cimmaruta folk charms, but its bright, powerful aroma melds comfortably with the other herbs and resins here, creating an ideal scent for ritual and enchantment. Inspired by but not limited to the traditions of Stregoneria, this blend can be a potent offering to Goddesses and Witch Queens of other pantheons as well.

Queen of the Witches Incense
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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Honoring Diana
Goddess Worship
Aradian Work

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