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Pomba Gira hibiscusIncense for Pomba Gira
Some folks consider her the consort of Exu; others simply the female version of that spirit. Pomba Gira can communicate with her devotees through dreams, visions, or possession. Typical offerings to this spirit include pink champagne, red hibiscus flowers, fine cigarettes, and perfume. Sweetly fragrant but spicey, we constructed this incense to honor Pomba Gira. It is based on amber and roses but also has some chocolate and some star anise to represent her love of candy and the liquour anisette. It's warmed with pink pepper and builds punch with tobacco and more. Add a few drops of anisette or pink champagne before using for extra punch.

Incense for Pomba Gira
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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Honoring Pomba Gira

Combine with Exu incense and oil

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