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sacred lotus - whiteGrounding Oil
This grounding oil allows the user to remain connected to the spiritual while being rooted in the material universe. I thought immediately of using lotus for that purpose. Yeah, I know what you're thinking--"Lotus? That's a water plant!" Yes, but they don't float in the water; they're rooted solidly in the mud below, and they carry that earthy fragrance into the scent of their flowers. So I tried pink lotus but had better results with white lotus, the scent of which works directly on the Crown chakra. I combined that with some sanctifying frankincense, heightened it with citrusy bergamot, and rooted it with the deep grounding of vetiver root and mitti. This last is a distillation into sandalwood oil of the baked earth that is found in summer-dried creekbeds in India; the first rains of the Monsoons release its rich scent. Mitti attar was created to remind people of that scent and the time of coolness and growth. So this is a grounding but not a tying-down type oil. I conceived of it to be like the lotus itself--well rooted in Earth, traveling through Water, climbing gracefully into Air, and finally lifting a pure bloom to the Sun (Fire). It smells great and is very different from my Sacred Lotus oil. Top

2010, 2018 Harold A. Roth; No reproduction without permission 

Grounding Oil
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