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sacred lotus - whiteGrounding Oil
This grounding oil, centered around white lotus, allows the user to remain connected to the spiritual while being rooted in the material universe. Although lotus is a water plant, its stem keeps the bloom above the surface of the water while its roots hold solidly to the mud below. Lotuses carry that earthy fragrance into the scent of their flowers, especially white lotus, which is richer and not as sweet as pink lotus. In addition to lotus absolute, this grounding oil includes an infusion of lotus stamens macerated in coconut oil and left to cure for several months within our dedicated meditation space. The scent of white lotus works directly on the Crown chakra and the stamens are thought to be the most potent part of the plant, used to generate a state of deep calm and peace. We combined the lotus with sanctifying frankincense, heightened it with citrusy bergamot, and rooted it with the deep calming properties of vetiver--a complex earthy and woody fragrance that helps us to remain grounded while also connecting us with our most deeply buried wisdom--and mitti. This last is a distillation into sandalwood oil of the baked earth that is found in summer-dried creekbeds in India; the first rains of the Monsoons release its rich scent. Mitti attar was created to remind people of that scent and the time of coolness and growth. So, this is a grounding but not a tying-down type oil. We conceived of it to be like the lotus itself--well rooted in Earth, traveling through Water, climbing gracefully into Air, and finally lifting a pure bloom to the Sun (Fire). It smells wonderful and is very different from our Sacred Lotus oil. Top

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Grounding Oil
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