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HopsHops CO2 Select Essential Oil

This is the perfect addition to any magic oil intended to honor deities associated with beer! Another consideration is in the botanical name for hops, Humulus lupulus. It was thought that because the hops vine wears hooks and is a very tenacious climber that it had a wolf-like (lupulus) nature. So consider hops also for any oils connected with wolves, werewolves, shapeshifting, or that is intended to encourage steadfastness, resourcefulness, and determination. Many find the scent of hops relaxing in a gentle Sun herb manner, and the fruits are a classic for dream pillows, so try it in dream oils too. Distilled with CO2 (which fully evaporates and is recaptured to be used in the next distillation and which renders a far more authentic fragrance, because it can been done at room temperature) from Humulus lupulus strobiles in Germany.

Combining With Other Essential Oils

Hops has a green, herbal, leafy smell with woody undertones and a little funk that blends with basil, sweet birch, cajuput leaf, carrot leaf, carrot seed, roman chamomile, coriander, cumin, black currant bud, dill, sweet fennel, fig leaf, geranium, ginger, ivy leaf, marigold, marjoram, oregano, parsley seed, patchouli, rose, saffron, seaweed, tagetes, thyme, and wormwood.

Hops CO2 Select Essential Oil (Germany)
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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Sun Herb

Using Essential Oils

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