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Turmeric essential oilTurmeric Essential Oil

Although I have seen this described as an Air herb, I feel confident in aligning it with Fire because of its golden color and warm scent. Turmeric has a long use in ritual. In India, the bride and groom were anointed with turmeric and ghee, in south India, girls entering puberty bathe in turmeric, and the deceased were colored with turmeric before being cremated. I think all this signifies the ability of turmeric to consecrate and purify, especially because the spirits of the malevolent dead can be chased off by the smell of turmeric. This plant is sacred to Durga, so if you making an oil to honor her, you might like to include this. Remember, though, that like the herb, this essential oil stains! Steam-distilled from Curcuma longa in India. Top

Combining With Other Essential Oils

That is great for adding depth and warmth without creating the kind of jaggedness that other warming herbs like cinnamon, for instance, might do. It combines well with blood orange, cananga, labdanum, galangalginger, and violet leaf. Top

Organic Turmeric Essential Oil (India)
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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Purification & Consecration
Honoring Durga
Fire Scent

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