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Oil of Moon
Designed to help increase one's ability for divination, especially when working through dreams, this magic oil contains natural extracts of the leaves of camphor wood, clary sage herb, and oil of storax in a base of organic jojoba. The warm, dark scent of clary sage helps soothe anxiety and depression and thus free the spirit for magical work. Its scent can be uplifting, even euphoric, and it can cause vivid dreams.  It is said to enhance psychic ability and intuition and thus clearly has a strong Moon influence. The cold smell of camphor is associated with seeking solitude for the purpose of gaining knowledge. Its fragrance helps boost clairvoyance and aids in divination by dreams, and it is added to water used in scrying. The oil extract from the camphor tree's leaves has a coolness that is much more complex than that of regular white camphor--sweeter and not at all chemical. The scent can cause a transient euphoria and pain relief. Rare storax is excellent for clearing the mind and thus helps set the stage for dreamwork. It adds sweetness, spiciness, and coldness to the scent. I'm now using a refined storax so that there is no risk of skin irritation. The jojoba base works well with Moon because of its waxiness. It blends into the skin easily. This oil is cool and very woodsy with a sweet undertone. It makes me think of seeing the full Moon through the trees on an autumn night. Top

Oil of Moon
1/4 oz. (2 drams/7.5 ml) $15.00

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