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Sensuality Forthwith Oil on ceramic lotusSensuality Forthwith Oil
Sensuality Forthwith Oil was created to do just as its name suggests--put us in touch with our sensing bodies, right now in this very moment. Crafted over the course of many months and with lots of experimentation, this magic oil has evolved from functioning primarily an aphrodisiac (though those qualities are retained here) into a vehicle to open oneself to the fullness of the sensual body, regardless of the activity. We experience our lives through our senses and, despite what many religious frameworks and patriarchal systems have tried to tell us, our bodies are not something to be transcended; they are the very place that liberation occurs.

Along the process of making and using this oil Anthony, Aleia's magical partner and husband, lovingly referred to it as "F--- Me Now Oil." Since it leads with ylang ylang, a powerful aphrodisiac especially for women, this oil does stimulate the libido and can intensify eroticism. However, as anyone who has struggled with depression, anxiety, or the many other maladies that prevent us from experiencing the fullness of our lives knows, sexual stimulation (no matter how aroused we may feel) is not always a safe way to come into our senses. As such, elemi--both the essential oil and the sweet, sticky gum--is also strong here. Known for its healing and revitalizing properties, elemi is used magically for rites of passage and new beginnings, allowing us to let go of old habits and preconceptions that no longer serve us. Both ylang ylang and elemi are helpful in releasing anxiety and setting a groundwork of trust, which can facilitate opening to profound experiences that are not available to us when we donít feel safe.

Since our bodies are made of the same "mud" as the flora, fauna, fungus, etc., none of which are trying to escape themselves, lotus is present here too. Though this plant is associated with spiritual enlightenment and is often (mistakenly) thought to represent transcending the physical, a lotus flower cannot exist without the mud. As Saraha, an 8th century Buddhist Mahasiddha, points out, "Holy places, shrines and alters; Iíve been all over in my travels. But never have I seen a place of pilgrimage more blissful than the body." The three types of lotus scents used here remind us to revel in the muddiness of our lives, in the spontaneous, innate, and constantly arising suchness of our sensual, feeling, being bodies--forthwith and always--no matter where we are or what we are doing.

Lemon and orange, both uplifting and cheerful scents, lift the muddiness of lotus. Orange has been said to communicate the joy of angels to human beings (and what better way to think of joy than as the ecstatic dance of life) and lemon, like elemi, is good for helping oneself get free of old ways of thinking and feeling. Basil, also an aphrodisiac, and myrtle, frequently used in marriage rites, promote fidelity and strengthen trust. Vetiver serves this purpose too, fostering love and bonding, while also grounding us. Balsam of Peru oil adds a lush smoothness, and a few other scents, like cardamon and fennel, add warm spiciness.

A frequent oil in Aleia's personal practice, the energy of this blend has come alive in the form of an ally and protectress, aptly named Sensuality Forthwith. She is a loving, matronly, joyous guardian and collaborator. Like Terry Pratchett's Nanny Githa Ogg of the Discworld series, Sensuality Forthwith's vigorous, bawdy, and powerful presence is a force for embodied magic. We hope that her lively and sensual energy can become a blessing in your life too, just as it has for us. Top

Like all Alchemy Works products, Sensuality Forthwith Oil is made of natural ingredients and contains no synthetics. Blended in a fractionated coconut base, it is not meant for use on children or on animals, nor should it be taken internally. Shake gently before using.


Sensuality Forthwith Oil
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Connecting to the Sensual Body
Grounding & Uplifting
Transcending Unhelpful Habits & Conceptions
Love Magic/Sex Magic

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