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ToadstoolSpirit of Toadstool Oil
Toadstools are sometimes seen as points of connection between this world and the world of magic and spirit. Many of us grew up seeing toadstools in illustrations to fairy tales or in cartoons featuring fantastical realms and find ourselves drawn to the stems and spotted caps that appear overnight.

Toadstools are good representatives of the Underworld, partly because of their weirdly fleshy nature, partly because of their often very earthy scent, and partly because of the fact that they can be quite dangerously poisonous (not to mention their name Toad/Tod [death in German]). Well before knowledge of the mycorrhizal network was common, Alchemy Works' founder had a dream where Toadstools featured as points of connection between the mundane world and the world of magic and spirit. That dream inspired this oil. Knowing what we now do about the underground web of fungal threads that enable communication and resource distribution within forest communities, the idea of Toadstool as envoy deepens further--especially because Toadstools, the fruiting body of a fungus, represent only a small portion of a much larger subterranean net. (It should be said that Indigenous Peoples have known about the entwined nature of life--including the lessons of symbiosis over competition, the creation of rituals that invite plant and fungal messenger to share their wisdom with humans directly, etc.)

Spirit of Toadstool Oil is built around forest mushroom, evoking the damp earth with galbanum, vetiver, and baked earth. The surrounding forest appears as pine, cedar, and cypress, the Underworld's favorite. We add the scents of various fresh and dried berries and leaves, including clary sage, which not only provides a green, herbaceous fragrance but in its role as aide in divination echoes how Toadstool has been used by magic workers in some cultures. This oil is intended to help in approaching the spirits of baneful plants through scent rather than ingestion of their alkaloids. All natural and not toxic, use it for working with the Underworld, for assistance in divination, and for help in reaching out to this "plant" spirit through meditation, prayer, and vision. Top


Spirit of Toadstool Oil
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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Working with the Underworld
Earth Magic
Connecting with the Natural World

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