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Strigoi OilStrigoi Oil
In Romania, strigoi is the name given to people whose supernatural powers include psychic vampirism; after death, they rise from the grave to become vampires. This magic oil was created in tribute to strigoi and combines the coldness of Earth, the heat of blood, and the perfumes of civilization, without which the strigoi could not exist. Galbanum, tobacco, opoponax, black pepper, cognac, and tonka beans are united in pure olive oil to create an unusual fragrance that is both earthy and urban. The initial impression is of moist, fertile soil--the womb from which we all come and to which we all return but which is especially important as home to the strigoi. This recedes to reveal the scents of fresh tobacco (nicotine-free) and white cognac, fragrances of society, to which the vampire must return as surely as to the grave. Black pepper, representing the heat and savor of life, and tonka bean, a rich vanilla fragrance, smoothe out the scent combination. The foundation of the oil is opoponax, a relative of funerary myrrh and a favorite incense of the dark side; it is resinous and is sometimes called sweet myrrh. This oil is nice for dark work where you want to keep grounded and is fabulous for vampire anointing and celebration. Although present in safe amounts, the black pepper causes this oil to be warming to the skin; if you are sensitive, try the oil on a small area of skin first.Top


Strigoi Oil
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