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Artemis of the Mountaintops Magic OilArtemis of the Mountaintops Oil
This oil honors the wilder aspects of Artemis, the virgin goddess. There is some indication that her worshippers used mugwort or wormwood as aids to prophecy in her name. Artemis of the Mountaintops Oil contains five members of the Artemisia family (named for her)--wormwood, mugwort, davana, peach artemisia, and dragon's wort. These are combined with a grounding base of distilled baked earth, all blended in a fractionated coconut carrier. While still wet, the oil smells very strongly of wormwood, but as it dries, it changes first to a somewhat minty, fresh scent and then settles into a lightly fruity sweetness. It is a wonderfully virginal fragrance with a strong Air quality that sets it apart from many of Alchemy Works' other oils. It's good for evoking the wild aspects of the forest or for honoring Artemis. She is associated with the wilder parts of the Old World, especially the dry, stony mountains of the Mediterranean. There she amuses herself with archery and wide circle dances, according to Callimachus. Although she is a hunter, she also protects the animals that roam the mountain forests and dances there with her nymphs. They would paint their faces white in imitation of the full Moon (Artemis is connected to the moon as her brother was to the sun) or wear masks made to look like the dogs she went hunting with. Tapping into one's wild side is clearly important with this aspect of the divine. As our planet faces the climate crisis, taking on Artemis's mantle of reveling in and protecting the wild becomes an even more crucial task.

Artemis of the Mountaintops Oil
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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Honoring Artemis
Evoking the wild or the spirit of the forest
Elemental Air Magic

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