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Empress card from DreamLogicTarot.comEmpress Oil
Ruled by the perpetually fecund planet Venus, the Empress in the Tarot symbolizes beauty, love, delight, and the stable attraction of opposites. In Hermetic Qabalah, she represents the path of Dalith, which both unites and equilibrates the supernal spheres of Wisdom and Understanding. The Empress is the agent of molecular congress—attraction, magnetism, gravity, love, and lust all fall under her joyous dominion.

This rich, sensuous oil is centered around Provence rose and night-blooming jasmine, which represent daylight sweetness (powdery rose) and the eroticism of night (moist jasmine). These lavish scents are given additional richness and lusciousness with the addition of vanilla, tonka bean, ripe apricot (osmanthus), and more. The fragrance of jasmine is strong out of the bottle and it takes a little while for the other scents to be revealed, but when they do come forward, they are satisfying and scrumptious.

The fragrance of Empress Oil is stimulating and strongly feminine. There is nothing dainty or maidenly in this blend. It is a scent of power and beauty—poised, self-assured, emotionally intelligent, and unabashedly ripe—full bloom personified. As such, it is also steady and long-lasting, like an old-fashioned perfume.

Use this oil for anointing oneself, adding to a ritual bath, dressing love candles, or in other love spells, and to boost one's confidence, especially around matters of attraction and the heart. Empress Oil is also good for honoring deities like Aphrodite, Ishtar, or Erzulie. Ritually handcrafted from essential oils, herbs, and resins in a carrier base of organic fractionated coconut oil, Empress Oil is all natural and does not contain any fragrance oils, dyes, extenders, or synthetic ingredients of any kind. Top

Empress Oil
1/4 oz. (2 drams/7.5 ml) $16.50

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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Love Spells
Stabilizing Attraction
Honoring Love Goddesses
Boosting Confidence

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