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Gum arabicGum Arabic
Acacia species
Gum arabic, the resin of various species of the evergreen Acacia tree, is associated with the Sun because of its light warmth and the fact that the plant loves to grow in warm, dry, sunny places. However, it also has some associations with Air (its lightness) and with Mars (acacia is a very thorny plant). Egyptians considered the acacia, known to them also as the Tree of Life, to be the most primordial of trees. Associated with death and rebirth (and several deities, including Isis and Nephthys), its gum was likely one of the ingredients in embalming recipes. Pliny the Elder, in his Natural History, highlighted the many uses of the acacia tree (including its gum) "but the principal merit that it possesses is, that when it is cut down, it will grow again within three years" (Book 13, Chapter 19), thus also associating this magical tree with resurrection, rebirth, and renewal.

Gum arabic has literally thousands of uses—in the food industry, in adhesives, in painting, photography and art, in pyrotechnics, and more. This hard resin also has numerous health benefits and was used throughout the ancient world in both medicine and magic (and still is today). Because it is water soluble, gum arabic can be used to thicken liquids, which - along with its ability to bind - makes it a perfect ingredient in magical inks. Of course, gum arabic is also a prime constituent in incense making and is an excellent binder for other ingredients. It has a very light, slightly woody and resinous scent that doesn't overpower other aromatics.

This hard resin appears almost glass-like and can be easily ground into a powder using a mortar and pestle. It is also known as gum hashab, gum acacia, gum sudani, and Senegal gum.

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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Elemental Magic (Air)
Sun Incense
Honoring Isis
Incense Binder
Ink Thickener

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