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Colophony (Pine Rosin)  
This is pine resin after the turpentine has been removed. It has such a strong affinity for the Element of Fire that if kept in a powder form (this is chunk), it can spontaneously combust. It has a lightly resinous smell rather than a pine scent, but it can be used wherever pine resin is called for in incense recipes. In the past, the fumes of burning colophony were thought to be a remedy for bronchitis, although nowadays it is said that regularly breathing the fumes of burning colophony can cause occupational asthma, so--like all our incenses and resins--we recommend burning it only in well-ventilated areas. Some people are allergic to this resin, but it is frequently an ingredient in cosmetics and in paper. It is also a component of many polishes and varnishes. Our colophony, which is eco-friendly and sustainably harvested, is derived from pine trees grown in the southern USA.

Colophony chunks
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Uses In Witchcraft & Magic:

Elemental Magic
Fire Herb

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