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small jupiter solis splendorCopal resin
A generous plant ruled by Jupiter, the copaifera tree gives its oleoresin, (liquid copal), very freely. It hardens into the form of copal usually encountered, white or gold, with a stimulating and warming odor. Like many Jupiter scents, this resin is frequently used in ritual purification of both objects and people. It is wonderful for charging objects with Jovian vibrations. It also is a fixative in perfume, where it tends to mellow harsh scents. It plays a role in traditional medicine; the Guarani people of the Amazon use it to heal wounds after battle (which indicates a strong protective ability), and it has a long history of use for various health problems in the West. Copal has a light resinous scent that mixes nicely with similarly subtle red sandalwood. 

Gold copal
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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Protection Spells
Jupiter Incense

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