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small people sorting damarDamar
Shorea javanica
This resin comes from a tree grown in Sumatra, where people can trace back their management of the same area of forest for ten generations. They carefully replant and tend their patch of trees, and their "farmlands" look like natural forests, not plantations. Since this tree takes 15 years to begin producing the resin, in the meantime they grow coffee or other smaller trees around it. In the region, damar resin is used to caulk boats, to waterproof low-fired pottery, and for torches, a traditional way of scaring off marauding elephants (so you know you need it to keep those pesky elephants out of your garden). It is used medicinally, and because it melts at low temperatures, it makes an excellent sealing wax of the medieval type when combined with beeswax (2/3s beeswax and 1/3 resin). Alchemy Works carries light damar, which is pale yellow and has a light and clean fragrance. To our minds, this is an Air scent, but its many uses in connection with Fire give validity to the argument that it is good for Fire Magick.

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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Elemental Magic (Air, Fire)
Protection Spells
Crafting Sealing Wax

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