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Gold Thurible

Homestyle Church Incense
Homestyle Church is used in magical rites that call for the style of incense found in a typical Catholic Mass, such as that requested in certain Medieval and Renaissance grimoires, or in a variety of folk practices. It also works great as a general temple incense for those Witches, Hermeticists, and other occultists who commonly engage in more Ceremonial Magical practices, or as a consecrating smoke for magical tools, shrines, and sacred spaces. Based mostly on Pontifical incense, this hand-compounded blend combines frankincense, sweet myrrh, cedar, copal, and more. It produces plenty of smoke for materializations, and evokes the familiar scent of a High Mass.

To create even more smoke, you can try adding honey to this incense. First reduce the water content of an ounce of honey by boiling it (use an old pot and low heat - this is a messy process) and then add it quickly to the incense, just as it crystallizes. (Removing excess water from the honey ensures that your incense won't become moldy over time.) The proportions should be just enough to make the incense slightly sticky after thorough mixing. Honey makes a good sweet smoke that emphasizes the scent of what it is mixed with, and it isn't irritating. NOTE: Though this trick can be done with any loose incense, you might want to check if adding honey is ideal for your ceremony, as honey might potentiate any rituals associated with defense or attack.

Homestyle Church Incense
1 oz. in tin $16.50

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Uses In Witchcraft & Magic:

Purification Spells
Banishing Spells
House Blessings
Grimoire Work

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