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Homestyle Church Incense
I've been selling various formulations of Catholic Church incense for a while now. I've used my knowledge of incense-making and some research to come up with my own incense for use in magical rites that call for the style of incense that is used during Catholic Mass. By doing it myself, I know that nothing in there is fake. I've based this formulation mostly on Pontifical, which is what I used to carry before I switched to Trappist. I liked the Pontifical better. This incense combines frankincense, sweet myrrh, cedar, copal, and clove. The pieces vary in size from powder-like to small grains so that it does not go out. It produces plenty of smoke for materializations, but if you need more, you can lay several charcoals next to each other, so you have more burning surface and thus more smoke, or you can try adding honey. First reduce the water content of an ounce of honey by boiling it (use an old pot and low heat - this is a messy process) and then add it quickly to the incense, just as it crystallizes. The proportions should be just enough to make the incense slightly sticky after thorough mixing. Try it with some plain frankincense first. Honey with much of the water removed makes a good sweet smoke that emphasizes the scent of what it is mixed with, and it's not irritating. If you don't remove the water from the honey first, the incense can get moldy. You might want to check if adding honey is "kosher" for your ceremony, though. It would potentiate any rituals associated with defense or attack, since bees are a Martial insect.

Homestyle Church Incense
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Uses In Witchcraft & Magic:

Purification Spells
Banishing Spells
House Blessings
Grimoire Work

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