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Evocation IncenseEvocation Incense
Evocation began as a customer request for an incense that could combine clearing and banishing properties of something like our Homestyle Church Incense with scents to aid in communication. The idea was that the incense should work as a tool to clear all undesirable spirits, cleanse the ritual space, and then augment communication with desirable spirits. We started with plant materials traditionally used for banishing and sanctifying as the basis for this incense—frankincense, olibanum, cedarwood, copal—and then added resins that either have a history in spirit work (myrrh and opoponax) or that are ruled by Mercury and thus assist in communication and aid in the acquisition of magical skills (mastic, lavender buds, sandalwood), and added them to the mix. Finally, we added a small amount of dried patchouli leaves, which imparts a gentle base note to the incense's bouquet while also helping to center and ground the practitioner.

Evocation Incense
1 oz. in tin $16.00

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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Banishing & Cleansing
Aiding Communication with Beneficial Spirits

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