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Genuine indigoGenuine Indigo
 Previously, I was supplied what was described as "genuine indigo" from China and found out that it was in fact synthetic. This is the real deal. I get it from a company that supplies museum conservators, who have the means and necessity to test such things. Genuine indigo produces an incredibly beautiful maroon smoke when it is heated.* Put a piece on some aluminum foil and hold it over a flame; once it gets hot enough, you will see it. It isn't a big smoker like frankincense, but what is there is very impressive in color. I have not seen anything like it before. It does not have a bad smell when it burns that I can detect. In fact, it seems to have little smell at all, which makes it especially precious when it comes to Saturn, dominated as that force is by stinky smells. The natural blue dye that replaced woad when Europeans "discovered" it in India, indigo is associated with Saturn for several reasons. Its blue-black color, obviously, is very Saturnian. During its production, real indigo smells terrible as it is made to ferment in order to produce the blue substance indigoferin. Dried genuine indigo does not have a bad smell. A wonderful rare susbtance to add to your incense-making collection!
*Burn in a well ventilated area.

Genuine Indigo Pieces
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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Saturn Incense

Grow your own indigo

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