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BaphometBaphomet Incense
The Goat of Mendes, which is generally taken as the image of Baphomet, was popularized in the esoteric world by the French mage Eliphas Levi. He mean it to be a version of Pan that represented a deity of primitive Gnosticism. This deity, however, differs quite a bit from the Pan of ancient Greece. He has much more in common with Hermes, to my mind. He is a teacher of magic, and like Hermes he is a hermaphrodite, uniting male and female within himself (or hirself?). The Four Elements are also unified in him; he symbolizes the Prima Materia of magic. The scents associated with Hermes tend to be quite zingy--lavender and seeds of the Umbelliferae, like celery--but because Baphomet has a strong animal aspect, this incense is a much smoother scent and does not have the high vibration rate one would expect from typical Mercury. After all, not only does Baphomet lack wings on his heels, but he is seated. The incense has some muskiness to it from fenugreek, darkness from juniper berry, and smoothness from anise. The freshness of intellect is transmitted through the use of mastic here and lemongrass. Several other herbs, resins and spices combine to make this a nice spicy, smooth incense that evokes the spirit of Baphomet, particularly for aid in magical work, and is helpful in awakening the intellect.

Baphomet incense
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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Honoring Baphomet
Drawing up energy for magic
Acquisition of Magical Skills

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