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Bat's Blood IncenseBat's Blood Incense
Based on the same ingredients as Bat's Blood Ink, this incense is traditionally considered helpful in attack magic and pacts with baneful spirits. It is composed of my premium dragonsblood resin, bitter myrrh, and cassia. I chose the darker dragonsblood to go with the use of indigo in the ink, which is there to make it darker. Dragonsblood is of course great for potentiating any work and is a fine symbol to incorporate into any sort of Mars protection or attack. Myrrh is the Moon/night to frankincense's Sun/day and was the choice for embalming the dead in the ancient world; for these reasons, it has become associated with all sorts of dark magic and work with the Underworld. Cassia is called cinnamon in North America but is hotter than the genuine article and gives this some extra Mars heat. This is a good old-fashioned, uncomplicated incense.

Bat's Blood Incense
1 oz in tin $15.00

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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Attack Magic
Pacts & Necromancy

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