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Sanguis Draconis IncenseSanguis Draconis Incense (Dragonsblood)
There are various sorts of dragonsblood incenses out there which might or might not contain any of the actual resin, given its cost, but often unfortunately containe a popular synthetic fragrance oil of that name. Alchemy Works never uses synthetics in what we make, and although we are quite proud of the good quality dragon's blood resins we sell, we enjoyed making a Sanguis Draconis incense based on it. It contains not only our best dragonsblood resin but red sandalwood (a classic addition to any dragonsblood incense), myrrh for its Mars associations, bdellium because it is not only Mars but connected with attack magic (according to Agrippa), and more. It is very Martial without being crude or brutal and is good for Mars protection when you are doing more aggressive magic rather than simply repelling.

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Sanguis Draconis Incense
1 oz. in tin $17.00

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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Protection/Attack Magic
Mars Incense

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