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BabalonBabalon Incense
This incense celebrates the enigmatic and powerful figure of the Scarlet Woman in Thelemic cosmology, named Babalon, from Bab-Al or "Gate of God". In practice, she is approached sometimes as a Love Goddess, other times as an Avatar of Cosmic Devourment, and has a myriad of expressions in between these extremes. She is the one who stands beyond the Abyss of Knowledge, beckoning the Adept. Called "whore" only because she denies no one in her perpetual embrace, she asks only the lifeblood of the Adept in return, which she uses to produce the wine of the Sabbath. She is often identified with Binah on the Tree of Life, but whereas Binah is commonly viewed as a Crone, dry and cold as any Saturnian phenomena, Babalon is hot as blood. This incense is therefore composed of sweet myrrh warmed by nutmeg, pepper, and angelica, with Venusian myrtle, rose, and other tantalizing Greenwood allies added to its decadent ambrosia.

Babalon Incense
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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Gnostic Mass
Honoring Babalon
Celebrating the Feminine

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