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Queen of the MeadowEupatorium purpureum
Queen of the Meadow
This magic herb was very popular remedy with Eclectic, Physiomedical, and Homeopathic medicines, which adopted it from its widespread folk use in North America--and this probably accounts for its popularity in Hoodoo as well. Most of its magic in that path has to do with work. The root is carried in one's pocket or mojo bag to help get a job or a raise. Make a tea and pour it into a bath to cleanse yourself and bring luck before an interview, then use a few drops of the bath water to seal the envelopes on resumes. Hoodoo also recommends a bath with queen of the meadow before playing games of chance that involve luck as opposed to any skill. Some use it for obtaining visions by putting the flowers in a glass of water and lighting a white candle. This plant is ruled by Jupiter, because it is large, dominates it surroundings, is helpful in the world of work (favor with authorities), and has purplish flowers, purple being a Jovian color. Still, it does have its Saturn aspects as well--it grows iQueen of the Meadown shade, for instance, and treats stones and bone issues. Likewise, one herbalist has noted that the purple color of the flowers recalls not only physical morbidity (quite a ways from the Jupiter purple) but emotional morbidity and so correlates this plant with the Black Toad / Crow  of alchemy, a stage ruled by Saturn, the time of composting that must come before regeneration. This magic herb is helpful to stop deterioriation that leads to complete destruction. Also known as tall boneset, purple boneset, Joe Pye weed, trumpet weed, gravel root, ague weed, and kidney root.

Eurpatorium purpureum in my garden How to Grow Queen of the Meadow. This seed needs the help of cold to germinate. Outdoor Treatment is the simplest: Shortly after Winter Solstice, wet a paper towel and wring out. Sprinkle the seeds on the towel and fold up, pressing together with your hands so there is good contact between the towel and seeds. Put into a thin plastic bag. Don't ziplock closed, just fold the top over. Put outside in a sheltered situation, like in an unheated garage, shed, or covered patio. The point is to get it cold but not too cold and to ensure that the temperatures fluctuate. Check seeds for germination in the spring and then put them in planting medium. Transplant to partial to full shade and moist soil; this is basically a woodland plant (showing its Saturnian side there). I can attest that it grows very well in clay and tolerates growing under trees quite well. It gets big--5-8ft/1.5-2.4m tall and 2-4ft/.6-1.2m wide. The flowers appear in late summer/early fall and have a vanilla scent. Butterflies and bumblebees love them. Harvest the root when the plant is in flower. This perennial is hardy down to zone 4 (-25F/-32C). A great choice for the shady or wet part of a cottage garden.


Eupatorium purpureum
Queen of the Meadow
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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Help with Work
Favor with Authorities
Black Crow
Jupiter/Saturn Herb

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