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Malva sylvestris mauritiana flowerMalva sylvestris mauritiana
High Mallow
This is a good New Moon herb--it is soothing and watery, like a Moon plant, but its flowers are dark rather than white and it is not as juicy as common mallow, also Moon. The New Moon is a good time for rest and contemplation. This magick herb can be a soothing part of that rest both magickally and medicinally. It can be applied like regular mallow. The fresh leaves and flowers are used, because the dried are not effective. It is made into a tea said to be helpful for coughs and sore throats.  A wash made of a decoction of this herb soothes skin sores, and a poultice is supposed to help skin inflammation and irritation. Malva stalkThis tall (3-5 feet) plant gets blooms 3-4 inches wide from May through September and makes a good companion for hollyhocks (try it with Black Hollyhock). The pleasing leaf shape is reminiscent of ladies' mantle. It's been a garden favorite since at least the Middle Ages.

How to grow High Mallow:  Barely cover the seeds to germinate in 5-21 days at 70F. Transplant to sun or partial shade.  It likes peaty soils.  This is a short-lived perennial in zones 3-8 and reseeds readily.  Once you plant it, you will have plenty. General growing info


Malva sylvestris mauritiana
High Mallow
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