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small mistletoeMistletoe
Viscum album

The Druids considered mistletoe a holy plant that protected from evil and had great medicinal value. Mistletoe didn't begin quite so well in Norse mythology: the arrow that killed Baldur, beloved of the gods, was carved from mistletoe. The Norse gods then judged that henceforth mistletoe would be under the command of the goddess of love, in order to negate its use for hate--that's one explanation of why those who stand under the mistletoe are expected to kiss. The other explanation is that mistletoe was previously incorporated into Saturnalian wedding celebrations (Saturnalia was a Roman winter festival upon which Christmas was based). A Sun herb, mistletoe fights against despair, protects, and helps in hunting and conception.  Unusual for a Sun herb, this magick herb is connected to dreams and to learning about immortality through dreams.  It has been made into wands and is said to ward off werewolves and thieves. In the Ogham alphabet, mistletoe is a Chieftain associated with spiritual healing and development. Top

In Herbalism

According to Rudolf Steiner, the founder of Anthroposophy, mistletoe is "insanely aristocratic," because it grows according to its own rhythms, "as if the Earth were not there." It grows in any direction, often forming a strange ball up in a tree, it flowers in the winter, and it has berries all year long.  He argued that mistletoe was the perfect remedy for cancer and developed it into a specially crafted medicine called Iscador, which is used in Europe (and which is not the same thing as an extract - mistletoe is poisonous).  Mistletoe is also known as Birdlime, Herbe de la Croix, Mystyldene, and Lignum Crucis. This is chopped mistletoe harvested in Europe from apple trees. Top 

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Protection Spells
Love Magic
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