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PeriwinklePeriwinkle (Vinca minor) Info

This Water and Venus plant is considered protective, especially amongst the Celts, and is often referred to as the Violet of the Sorcerers. It has the ability to reinspire love and is usually associated with the past, whether that be past love or memories. In the Middle Ages, it was powdered, wrapped in a leek, and eaten at meals to kindle love between a married couple.  In Eastern European systems, it stands for eternal love and was planted on graves. Agrippa associated this magick herb with the the north star, Polaris, which is the fixed star known as the tail of the Lesser Bear (Little Dipper). You can see the steadfastness sought through love magick found in the steady guiding light of this star, so you can consider that periwinkle has the characteristic of being steadfast and trusty. Loadstones and wolf's teeth are also associated with this star. Periwinkle has a long history of medical use as well.  

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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Protection Spells
Love Magic 

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