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Vestal virgin / MaidenMaiden's Balm
Robert Graves might have created the idea that the triumvirate of Maiden-Mother-Crone has been part of various cultures since time began, but no one can argue that each of these characterize a particular spiritual and magical approach. Nowadays we hear a lot about Crone, but I thought to try creating an oil for the Maiden. The center of this oil is sweet clover, which has a balsamic scent with a fruity, sweetgrass undertone. I chose it as this oil's center because to my mind, there is something very Maidenly about the clover family, and at the same time, bees are absolutely devoted to clover flowers (which makes sweet clover great for love spells). This particular plant is associated with the goddess Nephthys, goddess of hidden wisdom, who wove a protective garland of sweet clover that she placed on the head of Osiris during their lovemaking. In Celtic lore, sweet clover is a Sun herb and in other mythology is said to have sprung from the blood of a lion, quintessential Sun animal, slain by Hadrian; it has protective properties. The fragrance of sweet clover is here heightened with bergamot and given leafy freshness with violet leaf, geranium leaf, and more. Consider for rites of initiation from childhood to maidenhood. Also good in general for protection, love spells, calming fears, and relieving melancholy.

Maiden's Balm Oil
1/4 oz. (2 drams/7.5 ml) $15.00

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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Honoring the Maiden
Love Spells
Calming Fears
Relieving Melancholy

Using Magic Oils

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