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Tagetes lucida seedsTagetes lucida
Mexican Marigold, Pericon, Yauhtli
This Sun herb is a perennial marigold. The Aztecs used it in ceremonies related to the dead, but Huichol Indians traditionally combined this plant with Nicotiana rustica in a smoking mixture used when taking peyote or other hallucinogens in order to induce clearer and less frightening visions. This magick herb needs lots of sun, enjoys humid heat, and can be grown in pots and brought inside in the winter. It has a nice spicy smell. I have a new source for this seed; this variety has nice orangeish flowers and is more robust. Top

How to grow Mexican marigold. This seed takes 5-15 days to germinate and should be sown in spring, but it can grow in pots. It needs full sun and will get 2-3ft/60-90cm high. Set plants 8-12"/20-30cm apart. It is a perennial in subtropical areas; elsewhere, grow it as an annual. You can harvest in "cut-and-come-again" style, cutting off a couple of branches when you need it. General growing info Top

Tagetes lucida
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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Honoring the Dead
Sun Herb

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