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Tabasheer Info

Tabasheer is the dried sap of bamboo and has long been an aphrodisiac in Indian, Chinese, and other Asian cultures. It looks to be a highly male plant, but it is cooling rather than heating; this combination of male and female and the fact that tabasheer also affects mood suits Mercury. But it also has Saturn elements, since it is cooling, woody, builds bones, and bamboo is a very invasive plant. Tabasheer treats asthma and calms the mind, clearing away shadows. It cools irritability and sleeplessness, is considered an antidote for poison. It is sometimes called vegetable opal because some pieces of it are hard and translucent. Chemically it is composed almost entirely of silica but also has a little sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium, all of which connect it to bone formation. Traditional Chinese medicine considers tabasheer to be highly cooling and sweet in nature. This tabasheer comes from a variety of bamboos, one of which is Bambusa arundinacea (shown).

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