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Spanish poppySpanish Poppy (Papaver rupifragum) Info
This perennial is a close relative of Papaver atlanticum.  It has bristly leaves and stems, and the pod is long and smooth with ribs.  It's a native of the mountains of southern Spain. This Sun herb flowers throughout the summer; blossoms are 1-1.75 in/45-35 cm wide on stalks about a foot/35 cm high.  The Latin name, rupifragum, means rock-breaker; it loves to grow in the crevices of rocks. Top  

How to grow Spanish Poppy: Germinate like Papaver somniferum, only this is a bit slower to germinate.  It likes chalky soil. This is perennial in warm areas (zones 6-8). It freely reseeds when happy and can produce so many seeds that it becomes weedy, so don't plant it in a rock garden, or you will never get rid of it. General growing info Top

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