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Leonurus sibiricusSiberian Motherwort (Leonurus sibiricus) Info
This herb in the mint family is a native of East Asia and is especially common in China, Tibet, and Siberia, which makes this a nice motherwort to plant if you are following a Siberian path.  In Malaysia, the dried leaves are chopped and cooked in sesame oil with ginger and Chinese rice wine. This dish is given to mothers after childbirth (do not use this herb during pregnancy), but this combination also works as a regular spice for cooking. Young shoots can be cooked and supposedly have a sweetish taste.  This magick herb contains very small amounts of the alkaloid leonurine, and this herb is smoked in Chiapas, Mexico, as a marijuana substitute. The alkaloid works somewhat like curare, being a respiratory stimulant in small doses but stopping breathing altogether in large doses. Siberian motherwort is considered superior in Traditional Chinese Medicine for dealing with problems with menstruation and women's reproductive systems. It is supposed to help circulation, prevent excessive clotting, and relieve PMS symptoms.  It is also used to improve night vision, so consider adding it to any incense used in divination.  Like regular motherwort, it is associated with Venus. Top

How to grow Siberian Motherwort: Sow at 70F to germinate in 7-14 days.  Plant out in May in full sun. Once you get this plant going, it can be propagated by cuttings. This plant can be invasive in some areas, so if you don't want it spreading all over, cut the flowers when they fade--or just harvest when it blooms, which is the best time.  The scented purple flower are favorites of bees and appear during the second half of summer.  Leaves turn red in the fall.  This is a tender biennial/perennial that can be grown as an annual.  It can get up to 4-5ft/120 cm and 2 ft/.6 m wide and is hardy in temperate and warm areas (up to zone 5). General growing info Top


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