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Black violaViola cornuta
Black Viola
The unusual velvet black color of this flower is suited to its symbolism; violets and violas are connected to death and resurrection through the myth of Attis, an ancient Turkish god of vegetation. They grew where his blood spilled, and in his worship, pine trees, his symbol, were dressed with this flower. Violets are also associated with the always dying and resurrected goddess Persephone; she was gathering this flower and lilies when Hades first saw her. English fairytales include a retelling of this story. This magick herb is often a symbol of death in folklore, especially if it occurs at a young age. In Greek mythology, these flowers were the tears wept by a nymph who had been turned into a white crow--the blossoms then became her food. Violets represent faithfulness in the language of flowers. Because they are frequently hidden, they make a good symbol for the mysterious or for secret knowledge. These blooms look delicate, but they can be very tough plants, as anyone who has ever tried to remove them from a lawn finds out. This combination of delicate beauty and toughness seems very Venus. However, because all violas like to grow in shade, are associated with death, and this particular viola is black, it makes a wonderful Pluto herb. Unlike most other members of the violet family, this one is fragrant, and it blooms throughout the summer. The flowers are about the size of violets and look best when planted in a group - nice in a container. (Other black flowers). Top

Bowles Black Viola How to grow it. Barely cover the seed or just press into moist soil (keep moist but not wet) to germinate in 7-10 days at 65-75F/16-18C. Transplant to partial shade. This plant likes the cool weather of spring best and needs shade and moisture in the heat of summer; a place with afternoon shade and rich soil is good.  Ensure more flowers by picking off dead ones, or leave them on to get seeds. This plant also increases by creeping. Mature plants are small - 6 in/15 cm high - and flowers are wonderfully small and quite black.  This viola is perennial in zones 4-9 and grows well in pots or in woodlands.   General growing info  Top


King Frost and VioletKing Frost felt lonely in his huge ice palace where everything was frozen and lifeless.  He thereupon sent his courtiers out to look for a lovely girl to melt his heart and bring him happiness. The courtiers found many beautiful women, but they, too, were cold and icy in their appearance and demeanor.  The search continued until a very shy maiden named Violet was found and presented to the king.  He immediately came under the spell of her charm and sweetness and fell deeply in love with her.  Although once a strict and passionless monarch, he slowly became gentle and warmhearted and vowed to his people that the harsh and endless winters of his realm would become milder for one half of each year.  Such was the tender effect that Violet had upon her lord and husband.  But Violet pleaded with the king to allow her to see her people again.  Because of his love for her, he granted her wish to visit them each spring. His only condition was that she could only return to them in the form of a flower for part of the year, coming back to her husband's icy realm each winter.  Top 

Viola cornuta
Sawyer's Black Viola
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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Death & Resurrection
Honoring Attis & Persephone
Pluto Herb

Black Flowers Collection

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